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Who we are?

wireless car charger factory

Shenzhen EFFIET Technology Co.,Ltd. is located in the Special Economic Zones of China, specialized in manufacturing mobile phone charging related accessories since 2015.

We start designing the wireless car chargers in the end of 2017, in that time, we found the wireless charing technology will be applied to widely in our daily life and approve our quality of life, but at the same time there is still no wireless car charger mount for car owners to charge their QI supported mobile phones. So we took this chance to publish the first wireless car charging amount on the wireless charging  market.

Our first wireless car charger model called C8, but why we mark our first car charing mount C8? The letter “C” reprents “charing”, the “8” reprents the silicone gel looks like a number 8. So we call our first wireless car charger mount as “C8”. And our other product names like, C8 mini, CR, CC etc.

As EFFIET wireless car charger is really a innovation which solve people’s mounting mobile phone and charing problems in a whole new way, so it becomes very popular when it launched the first time. Our C8 wireless car charger mount is hot selling in Costco Korea. And our factory  have successfully passed UL audited Costco inspection also.

By years’ consistent research, we build a perfect supply chain system, offering our customers sleek design and qualified wireless charger. With strong R&D core competitive ability, we  provided both OEM and ODM services to meet various customer need.

Our factory’s main products Qi wireless charger, which are designed by our young, passionate team of engineers. We concentrate on seeking the breakthrough from appearance, structure, power, function etc. What we pursue is the unlimited experience and every perfect detail, endowing each of our battery case and wireless charger unique vitality.

We particularly focused on the product quality control, set and improve strict standards and system through the whole process from the purchasing of raw material, production, assembly, sales to the after-sale service.



Quality Assurance

Quality starts from the material inspection.

We believe that only the best quality product can earn more market and keep more customers, so we have implement a complete strict quality control system from the raw material comes in.

In our factory, every pieces PCB board will be examined, each USB cables will be tested individually before placed on the assembly line. After each unit product assembly completed, our worker will test the sensor function as much as 3-5 times each product. So we can eliminate each problem at the workplace and delivery perfect product to you.

effiet wireless car charger

effiet wireless car charger

With Years Experienced Workers

In order to get stable product quality and high efficiency work done, we spends much time on improve worker’s Craftsmanship consistence, and set a full series of standard workflow to achieve zero defective product rate. We want every piece of our product are perfect when leaving out factory and satisfied our every customer.

We believe only qualified workers with perfect working system can produce out perfect product and then earn more reputation and market. That is also the reason why we pay highly attention to improve worker’s ability and stability.

Automation Equipment

As we all know that automated production way can increasingly improve the production capacity to meet the delivery date, and provide a stable quality product at the same time.

All our PCB board are finished on the automation equipment, and tested by the machine also, which enable our product are top quality and competitive at the cost.

Costco Conducted UL Audited

Costco, as one of our clients, provides a zone for displaying our wireless car charger C8 model. With this unique display method, our product are highly welcomed by the local market.

As Costco supplier, we have passed Costco conducted UL factory audit. So we are a qualified UL listed factory. We are sure our product quality can meet your requirement and help you earn more customers.

So please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our product.